Recognizing Same-Sex Marriage Legally in the United States

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Gay rights is a very popular issue in American politics that asks ask the question “Should same sex marriage be recognized legally.” Some Americans support gay rights and believe all homosexuals deserve the right of protection from discrimination. They do not believe marriage would devalued but would allow homosexuals to have same benefits and security as heterosexual couples. Some of the rights same-sex marriages would be entitled to include: eligibility of health insurance through each other’s employers, visitation rights in hospitals and jails, and the right to sue over wrongful death of a partner, right to refuse to testify against spouse in court, tax and Social Security benefits. Opponents of the gay rights movement believe marriage is between one man and one woman. They believe it is a wrong and unnatural act that devalues the institution of marriage. They believe marriage is meant to foster two-parent families that are the foundation of our society. Gay rights have been a controversial issue for many years, but until recently there had not been any real progress in ensuring same-sex couples have the rights they deserve that are given to heterosexual couples and crushing the belief that being who they are is wrong or shameful. One of the most renown cities during the Renaissance, was a extremely wide spread of same sex relations. (Hall) Even so same sex couples that were caught were often prosecuting, imprisoning, and fining some of the population. A little after
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