Recognizing the Advancements in Animation

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Technology keeps advancing, and 3D is being widely used in the film industry.

Yina Chang is one of the talented professors in the animation department. She teaches Art 233 (Character set-up) and Art 235 (character animation). In her class, before they animate on the computer, they sketch it out on a story board to get their ideas flowing. Then, they begin their animation process.

“I teach hands on skill that prepare my students for the animation industry” Chang said.

The main software they use is Maya, an animation program used internationally. The program contains modeling, texture, and a lighting simulation, and there is a generator to process images.

“Maya is one of the best animation packages” Chang said.

Chang spent years working professionally in the animation industry. She has participated in several big-budget productions throughout her successful career including “Apollo 13” (Gene Kranz 1995), “Star Wars” (George Lucas 2002) and “Frozen” (Chirs buck 2013). She was the technical director for most of the Yoda shots in “Star Wars Episode II”. This was the first production to introduce computer-generated images. Before CGI was used, yoda had limited movement. CGI gives the animated characters the ability to fight and twist around while brandishing their light sabers.

The animation department has close ties with Woodbury University in…

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