Recognizing the Need for Cultural Change

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Recognizing the Need for Cultural Change

Table of Contents
1. Introduction
2. Cultural awareness
3. Cultural sensitivity
4. Cultural competence
5. Cultural humility
6. Conclusion
7. References

United States of America demographics profiles illustrates a nation rich in culture and culture diversity.
By the year 2050, there will be a 50% increase in minorities (Seibert,Stridh-Igo, & Zimmerman, 2002).
Culture is an organized group of learned responses. Culture is
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Putting It Together
Now, we can put this all together. I am research nurse for the Trinity Health Care System. We have an angioplasty registry which allows us to do angioplasties until our open heart facility is built. The registry is for both elective and urgent cases. Recently, we had a patient that came in through the emergency room and he was having an acute myocardial infract and none of us was prepared for what we encountered. We stayed focused and we worked through the problem as a team and we were able to save someone’s life. The heart team was paged. We furiously ran down the hallway to talk to the patient. The only problem was we couldn’t understand him. He was Hindu. We frantically asked for a
Hindi interrupter. We have a telecommunication device that allows us to communicate in almost every language. The only down fall, is you need to know what language you need prior to asking for an online translator. The Hindi interrupter came up on the screen and started speaking to the patient telling him that we needed to take him to the Catherization Lab and an emergency angioplasty. The interrupter looked at us and said this man does not speak Hindi. One cannot assume that a Hindu speaks Hindi. The interpreter told us that Hindu’s can speak several different languages including Tamil, Hindi, Nepali, and
Punjabi. There are up to
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