Recollection of Experiences

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Introduction Prior to my enrollment for a Masters degree in Human resource management at the University of Westminster London, I never knew that the concept of human resource can both be fulfilling and intriguing and yet remaining complex in regard to the knowledge gained. The process of completing the various human assignments and in particular the evaluation of the impact of Reward System on Employee Performance has left me a very knowledgeable individual with the coveted ability to solve various human resource issues using very best approaches available in the field of HRM. Recollection of experiences In the process of completing my dissertation, I went through a series of steps. Some of the steps that I went through were fulfilling while some were very challenging. The very first challenge is that I never knew exactly where to start. The reason for this is that my personal experience in dissertation writing was very limited and could not allow me to effectively complete a for a Masters Degree level dissertation. The dissertation that I had to complete had more work than any that I had every written before. The fact that the field of human resource has so many topics meant that I had very many topics to choose from. This made it extremely difficult to narrow down to a topic which is achievable. The other challenges that I faced in the process of writing the dissertation are lack of access to both primary and secondary data and limited time. This gave me too much

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