Recombinant Proteins And The Human Body System

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Several components are used in the production and expression of enzymes and recombinant proteins. The ultimate purpose of these enzymes in the human body system is to deal with the treatment of disorders and illnesses such as cancers. For sufficient recombinant proteins, there is a need for efficient expression system, which allow for the production of proteins at a high rate. This method of expression is determined by factors such as time spent in expressing a protein, amount of protein needed and mass of proteins. Examples of enzyme expression systems include mammalian cell, insect cell, yeast and bacterial protein expression systems [1]. Bacteria as a system used in production of recombinant enzyme Most bacteria used in the…show more content…
This include a competent Escherichia coli used in cloning genes of interest, incorporation of DNA into bacterial genome system, selection of E. coli cells that have taken up DNA using genetic markers and amplification of transformed bacterial cells to a higher scale in a suitable culture media then separation and purification of intracellular proteins [2]. The feature of bacterial protein expression systems are a less costly culturing method, flexible system where it can transmit plasmid vector containing numerous restriction sites and lastly using bacteria expression proteins is easy and results in high yields [2]. Protein expression system using yeast The yeast protein expression system is a highly advanced genetic system and practical method for use in protein expression and production of recombinant proteins. It requires low-cost media, grows at high speed, and its genetic makeup is efficiently manipulated like that of bacteria. They can transport particular plasmid to the target region, and this ability is valuable in the expression of protein. A plasmid used has restriction sites purposely used to insert a gene of interest. An added advantage of yeast is that it has a complete genomic sequence and a stable nuclease and its capability to secrete target proteins. Several yeast proteins systems exist in the organism, example Saccharomyces. For any yeast protein expression system, there must be a vector
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