Recommendation And Recommendations About The Paparazzi And The Celebrities

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Hollywood is filled with paparazzi photographers. They are increasing every year. The “OK” magazine had posted a celebrity weeding for the couples Catherine Zeta-Jones and Michael Douglas. Some paparazzi photographers had sold it to “OK” magazine. But “Hello” magazine did not like that so they had published an issue featuring pictures of the couple taken in secret in their weeding. Some people agree about what “Hello” magazine said and some of them disagree. The following report presents our recommendation and suggestions about the paparazzi. There are five claims made by Zeta-Jones, Douglas and “OK magazine: • Paparazzi and the celebrities. • Trademark faces. • Celebrities’ protection. • Causing celebrities distress. • “Hello” magazine. Paparazzi and the celebrities…show more content…
On the other hand, paparazzi can photograph them in a normal position to let the fan or the people to know who they really are. Tacos review of “Celebrities chose to be publicized some even purposely tell paparazzi where they will be going so that they can be photographed there. Also, the paparazzi have a right to the freedom of the press. Of course there should be some limits, but there are already laws in place of that. They cannot break any laws, like entering property without permission. However, they have the right to do whatever it is they want to as long as it abides by the laws that are already in place. Like the celebrities, the paparazzi are people as well and should have the same consequences for breaking laws, but they still have the right to freedom of the

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