Recommendation For A Manager Title Award A Raise Or Bonus For My Performance After The Fiscal Year Of 2015

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To The Members of the Compensation Committee,
I come humbly to appeal the decision to not promote me to the manager title, award a raise or bonus for my performance after the fiscal year of 2015. I recognize that it is not an easy task to evaluate all of the members of the firm against a set criteria that may not recognize intangible contributions. During FY 2015, I set out to establish myself as a leader, while also ensuring that my primary client responsibilities were performed at the highest level. I am very thankful to the firm for investing in me and allowing me to obtain the services of an Executive Coach to guide me and take my leadership skills to next level. I believe my hard work is reflected by the comments included in my annual review and by my ranking of “High Performer” with a rating of 3.7 out of a possible 4 points across numerous factors. Unfortunately, this year I did not meet the billable hour goals set for the Supervisor level. A number of factors including client delays and project cancellations led to an overall drop in billable hours for my team and personally led me to not achieving my billable hour goals. I ask that that the Committee revisit their decision and examine my FY 15 contribution to the firm outside of billable hours. I ask that the committee realize this year low billable hours were the result of a “perfect storm”; an outlier year that should be treated as such. I ask that the committee take a much more macro approach and…
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