Recommendation Letter

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Recommendation Letter
To Whom It May Concern:

My name is ***. I am the Sales Manager in the Transaction Department of Shanghai Gold Exchange (SGE thereafter). SGE was approved by the State Council and founded by the People 's Bank of China, possessing the largest influence on the gold market in China. Si Shen was an intern in SGE as my assistant. It was delightful news that *** would like to pursue her further study at your university. I strongly recommend her to you.

Si began her internship in SGE in summer 2009. She was responsible for assisting me in supervising the whole marketing team to maintain the existing market and develop new ones. Specifically, she followed up programs, and gave feedback to both the team and me.
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The A level customers were those whom she would pay visits first. B was the less important and C referred to those that needed a certain attention. Therefore, the evaluation I received from the customers about her was every high, especially the high-end customers. She would analyze the "Golden Triangle" of the gold, the USD, and the oil, the fund market making position and the influence of policies for the high-end customers. She also gave me an additional report expressing her focus on the growing potential high-end customers. These companies have long term cooperation with us. Although their initial investment capital was small, with the development of its company and our relation, it invested more and more into the SGE, such as the Yongjia Jewelry Company of Shanghai and Jiyuan Jewelry Company limited of Shanghai. She made a list of these kinds of companies and proposed to explore this new market.

In the process of attracting and admitting new members, including self-supporting financial organization investors, we also enhanced the risk awareness of the members and investors and acquainted them with gold investment knowledge. As an assistant, she communicated with the members and made records according to their different situations. Under the large background of property control and huge amount of credit, facing the inflation prospect, she proposed to convey value maintenance cognition to customers by using the gold. She
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