Recommendation Letter For Alicia Panganiban

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To the Graduate School Committee: I am pleased to write a recommendation letter for Alicia Panganiban, our International Student Awardee for Academic Excellence and Display of Christian Character and Commitment. I have known Alicia for more than six years as my student in both core and elective courses at a Master’s level. I came to know her very well when she was my intern in summer of 2011, and hired her as my graduate assistant the following semester until her optional practical training, which ended June 2014. I have been well pleased with her as my graduate assistant that after her time at Regent, we then began planning on launching the Ambassador Leadership Institute, a non-profit that aims to provide a Christian value base ambassadorial training to leaders who will become role models, solution providers, and key influencers in their respective communities. Alicia has consistently been an outstanding student, researcher, and leader both in and out the classroom. Her work ethic and energy is among the best from students I have interacted with over the last twenty-eight years in my faculty role. Amidst the rigorous requirements of her courses as a full time student and the challenges of taking care of her family and working for three professors simultaneously she meets her deadline on time, delivers excellent work, makes no complaints, and maintains a warm disposition. She has managed her family and work with devotion and tireless energy. I have never seen her
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