Recommendation Of A Micro 3d Printer Project

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To: Mr. Ed Smith From: Navisha Arora CC: Prof. Purdy Date: December 13, 2014 Re: Recommendation to invest in the Micro 3D printer project The Micro 3D printer is the most affordable, simple to use, fast and reliable 3D printer ever. It is an excellent technology. This document will give you an insight on: • Overview of the Micro 3D printer • Technical details of the Micro 3D printer • The usage and market value of the printer Overview of the Micro 3D printer The M3D is an upcoming project which releases in early 2015. The project has 12,000 backers so far and is the largest 3D Kickstarter ever. 3D printing is a cutting edge technology which could be a huge in the near future. The Micro 3D printer project has raised more than 3.3…show more content…
The Micro 3D printer is a very simple and straightforward product. Once the software is installed in the system, the prototype can be printed instantly. The M3D comes with its software that can be connected to any system (Windows, Mac and Linux). This software is touch-screen capable with a simple interface and is USB compatible for the connection. The Micro 3D printer comes with the M3D software, USB cable, instructions manual, country-specific power adapter and one micro filament spool. (LLC, 2014) This is a very interesting project and a growing technology to invest in. The M3D would be the most affordable 3D printer ever. This product would be useful for the beginners as well as the experts. The designer could select any model from the internet, download that model and print it easily. The 3D prototype of that selected model will be created by the M3D. This 3D printer can work for hours consistently providing auto-leveling and auto-calibration without any maintenance other than changing the filament spools or the print bed. This could be used for business, education or personal purpose. The M3D can be used to create products like the glasses, jewelry, planes, cars, small models or any other creative products that the designer would like. An existing significant risk for the M3D is injection molding. Only one manufacturer can be secured for injection molding as it is
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