Recommendation Of Priority Is Initiatives

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Recommendation of priority IS initiatives In order to address the problem areas discussed above we propose the following Information system for Brick House i.e., BHS 2.0 A new system BHS 2.0 integrates order entry, master scheduling and manufacturing execution. 1. The main features of the production order tracking system are: • Tracks WIP(Work in Progress) • Sends back the information of estimated order completion to Order Entry system • Live Capacity estimation is calculated using below parameters: • Planned downtime of any manufacturing unit • Unplanned downtime • Resource constraints o Raw Materials availability and delivery issues o Absenteeism (Labour) 2. Features for the new Master Scheduling system are: • According to the priority from Order Entry system, and the Capacity estimates from Production Order Tracking system, the Master Scheduler should assign work to each Production line. 3. Features for the new order entry system include: • The Customer service agent gets the information about Production order and conveys the same to customer How the IS will fit within your organisation 's IT strategy Brickhouse’s IT strategy is to leverage on technology to improve Reliability, Efficiency and Flexibility (commonly referred to as REF). These are the key competitive advantage that our customers value the most. The new IS will be able to provide this by: • tracking the actual order completion time • Live monitoring the capacity of each production line on an hourly

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