Recommendation Report On Financial Advisor Manager

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To: Financial advisor manager Re: Recommendations report REPORT Investment recommendations Overview This is a report recommending suitable investment products for two of the clients: Jordan and Jim Gregor based on their scenarios. I have looked at the following product investment bond, stocks and shares and unit trust. Jim – Investment bonds Investment bonds Investment bonds are bond you will buy which act like you are lender to you. The bond issuer will burrow your money with a promise to give back the full amount of money back with interest. Features: Access- capable of making regular or one off withdrawals 1) Trust- You can put the bond in a trust where it’s looked after. If the bond owner was to die, then the value of the bond goes to the husband/wife or children of the owner. 2) Minimum investment- the minimum investment you will make to start off your account. 3) Lowest bond amount policy- The lowest amount of money you need pay, each year to retain the account, you can just top up your account to make it lasted Longer 4) Investment period- This is the period of time you will be investing in Risks and rewards of an investment bond. One risk of investment bond are that when you invest in a product the interest rate may fall. This mean that prices will fall as the interest rate will rise; therefore this will cause you to lose the money if the rate goes high. Another risk is the market risk this is when the bond market may start to decline which will bring
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