Recommendation Report on West Indies Yacht Club Resort

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Purpose of the report The vacation industry in British Virgin Island (BVI) is developed into a profitable, but highly competitive market. One of the major players is the West Indies Yacht Club Resort (WIYCR), operates successfully since its inception in late 1980s. However, recently some problems became alarming, seriously affect the operating performance of the resort. Investigation is needed. I, Patrick Dowd, am honor to be the investigator. The purpose of this report is to discuss the problems in the resort, why they exist and the corresponding solutions. Problems in the resort WIYCR is troubled with internal problems that started to affect its normal operation. Expatriate turnover rate is nearly high enough to be…show more content…
They are more caring, less aggressive, so they don¡¦t pay too much effort in working, pursing personal goals. They emphasizes on quality of life and leisure, differs greatly from the US¡¦s, which most expatriates come from. In addition, they are not willing to have additional workload by sacrificing time with family and friends. This is because they think working and with family cannot coexist. Therefore, generally they are lack of working motivation. Conclusion Because of the poor organizational structure and lack of understanding of the unique culture characters in BVI society, a lot of problems which I discussed above are created, but they can be solved. Recommendations Generally speaking, my recommendations focus on three main areas: developing effective management; building team spirit; and implementing effective performance evaluation. To build effective management, first we have to incorporate the existing management office in Chicago into the resort office in the site. By doing so, the resort will be more sensitive to the current market situation as the booking office is on the site. It can prevent over or under-booking to happen. Clear working instruction to local staff is also crucial to avoid any misunderstanding. The second area is building team spirit. Specifically, building trust between expatriates and local employee. Firstly, culture orientation courses should be

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