Recommendation : Risks Of Control Expenses

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Recommendation Three – Mitigate Risk to Control Expenses The third recommendation is a recommendation for employees desiring to be better consumers of healthcare. Prior to the 21st century, there was little focus on managing the demand for and use of healthcare caused by individuals being covered on richly designed co-payment and indemnity plans. This inadvertently concealed a substantial amount of pricing information and most times the true cost of care to the patient (Summers & Nowicki, 2008; Terry, 2005). With an increasing trend of employers switching to high deductible health plans, employees are forced to pay more of their own money out of pocket for services and procedures (Robinson and Ginsburg, 2009). Robinson and Ginsburg (2009) state that the “average single deductible in the best-selling high deductible health plan is $2,600.” This is important for employees they need to be aware of what types of services are included in their medical plan free of charge. There are a growing range of services that are exempt from high deductible health plans and are covered at no or low costs. Services included preventative screenings, vaccinations, many prescriptions for chronic illnesses, and family planning options (Robinson and Ginsburg, 2009). The importance of obtaining the necessary level of care in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle without spending out-of-pocket dollars is beneficial to recognize. Services offered under health plans at no or low cost offer

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