Recommendation for Rodolfo's Control System

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Recommendation for Rodolfo's Control System Introduction Rodolfo's production processes and methods, while capable of producing exceptionally high quality products, aren't going to be able to keep up with competitors from both a cost and throughput standpoint. What Rodolfo must do is implement a company-wide control system that will give the company greater visibility into customer demand in the form of forecasts, and in turn manage production more effectively based on that data. The control system must also have a single system of record or order activity to ensure the company stays organized on a common foundation of transaction, cost and supply chain data (Li, Moselhi, Alkass, 2006). Defining A Control Systems For Rodolfo's Business Having a reputation as a craftsman of fine furniture, Rodolfo is well-positioned in a lucrative market to continually growing sales over time. What he lacks relative to competitors however is greater visibility into customer demand and the ability to take a forecast and create a production schedule that can be efficiently and profitably produced. The first step in creating a control system for Rodolfo needs to be a forecasting module or component to capture customer demand. An effective forecast system will take all customer demand across all sales channels, aggregate it and then translate it into production schedules to streamline the operations of a business (Li, Moselhi, Alkass, 2006). This is the first phase of the system he needs to

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