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We did found some internal party of problem for TASCO. Firstly, the employee in different branches of office does not bond well together due to weak communication flow. We suggested that TASCO should transfer the employee to another branches of office for a few weeks. The purpose is to let the employee learning from different branches operations as well as getting recognize the employee from different branches. Besides, the employee may explore more to different places culture or working behavior. Aside from transfer the employee for short-term, TASCO may hold some company dinner or trip that gather all the employee together for sharing information between each other or playing some team building game that may improve the
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The “Exhaust Gas Bypass” system of this large cargo ship improves the energetic efficiency of the vessels, reducing the fuel consumption by 1.5% at low speed. The fuel tanks it used are protected by double hull which prevent oil leakage in the event of a disaster. (Kaushik, 2012)
Next suggestion that we proposed to is inbuilt a good cargo and shipment tracking system. TASCO should first understand what their goals are or mission to achieve, either low cost logistic service company or safety shipment and good customer satisfaction. It is because a tracking system is costly and it will mostly increase the cost of transport thus the high prices might lose some customers that are price sensitive. However, a tracking system allow the customer to check their goods status on the company websites which given the customer an extra protection for their goods. Tracking system represents an additional layer of security to ensure goods reach their destination on time and in same condition. There is some studies indicated that 70% of senior executives are not satisfied with their ability to track their moving assets to ensure integrity. Reltronics Technologies provides a complete application development and support of Cargo and Shipment Tracking System (ReALTrack- CST). Example of the integrated technologies to tracking cargo and shipment are GPS, GPRS, RFID and Sensors. Radio frequency identification devices (RFID) are low-cost device tags that placed on

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