Recommendation of Advertising

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Recommendation of ¡°Got Milk?¡± Ad for Application in South Korea

I. Recommendations and Summary of Analysis

To appeal to a Korean audience, the facial expression and the gestures of a model should be changed as the model hold a cup of milk, and make a smile. The ¡°Got Milk?¡± ad is one of the typical masculine and low context American culture ads. Angelina Jolie¡¯s facial expression and gestures are very aggressive, tough, and masculine. The ad entitles ¡°Got milk?¡± which is a very direct way of approaching consumers. Although American culture is built as directness, the Koreans are more concerned with cooperative behavior in the means of indirect communication. The Koreans value quality of life more than the Americans as they accept
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For a low power distance country such as America, this would be acceptable. However, it would not acceptable in Korean culture where respect for authority and hierarchy is emphasized. Second, the problem is about the individualism that has shown in advertising. There is only one individual in the ad. As an individualistic culture, the American view as it is normal. However, as a collectivist culture, such as in Korea, group work is very important. Therefore, an individualistic ¡°Got milk?¡± ad would not get recognized in Korea. The last problem is about the clothing of the model. Because Americans are open to personal choices and creativity, the Americans would accept the model¡¯s clothing in general. However, the Korean culture is very conservative and prefers clear rules and conformity. The Koreans would expect appropriate for the milk ad, and therefore, the flashy and gaudy clothing of the model would make Koreans bemused.

III. Change the Facial Expression and Gesture of the Model

Angelina Jolie in the ad gives very aggressive, combative, and strong facial expression with tough, masculine gesture. Such facial expressions and gestures are acceptable in America because of American culture being low context and masculine. The character possesses a charisma like a general by looking at some distance in the ad. This would appeal to Americans because of the directness of the ambience as a whole.
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