Recommendation of a Management Information System to a Company

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Introduction to the organization and the present situation: Matrix Institute of Information Technology is a private limited company established in the first quarter of 2006. Its main business is providing higher educational services in Information and Communicational Technology sector. At the inception of the company there were four employees but now it has more than 30 employees working in two branches in Colombo & Matara. Structure of the organization Matrix Institute has a comparatively flat organization structure. [pic] Product portfolio • BIT (Bachelor of information technology) • BCS (British Computer Society) • ACS (Australian computer society) • SCJP (Sun Certified Java Programmer)…show more content…
In order to fine tune the total operations and to achieve competitive advantage, installation of a proper management information system is a must. In the context of changing external environment Matrix should align their internal processes in order to grow and thrive in the higher education industry. Characteristics of the Decision Support System (DSS) and Executive Information System (EIS) necessary for Matrix Institute: Decision Support System • Decision Support system mostly contains model bases, database and vital resources that help to make decisions in different operational levels of the institute. • Software components that consist of models used in computational and analytical routines that mathematically express relationship among variables to much more complex relationships. This is especially useful for the top management of different departments such as HR, Finance and Marketing. • Will help to combine model components to create integrated models that support specific types of decisions. • Use of analytical models such as what if analysis, sensitive analysis, goal-seeking analysis and optimization analysis

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