Recommendation on Improving the Services of Resort

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DATE: 1 March 2010
TO: Jason Lee, Director
Human Resource Services
FROM: Vivian Hsu, Manager Information Services

I am submitting this report at your request specifying my recommendations to improve the services of Bubu Long Beach Resort. My recommendations are based on my own observation, customers’ feedbacks and the interviews with my colleagues.

Bubu Long Beach Resort is located at the Perhentian group of islands and 20 kilometres off the coast of Terrengganu. From year 2006 to 2008, the resort has experienced a dramatic increase in the number of guests by at least 10%. However, we have received numerous complaints from
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Improve customer service
The online reservation service should be more convenient and friendly-user. The procedures for online booking must be easy and simple so that more customers will prefer to book via online. We can also increase number of receptionists and reception counters. Moreover, we can set an express check-in counter for those who have already booked online. The Human Resource Department should send the staff to useful training courses such as emotional intelligence and English language class.

Improve the condition of rooms
I suggest that we should hire more employees to make sure that the rooms are always in good condition. We can hire more repairmen and technicians for maintenance purpose. For housekeeping service, we can hire two janitorial managers to supervise the housekeepers and arrange their schedules. The housekeepers should also immediately clean and tidy up the room once the guests have checked out.

Upgrade the security and safety measures
The traditional metal keys should be changed to electronic locks which are more secure. All guestroom entry doors should be equipped with two locks which is a dead bolt and slide lock. In addition, we should employ more security guards to patrol at resort especially during night. On the other hand, fire alarms, smoke detectors and sprinklers should be installed in
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