Recommendations For International Expatriate Assignments

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Recommendations for International Expatriate Assignments Ted Liu Many company organisations are globalized due to foreign direct investment and decrease in trade barrier between countries, the number of expatriate assignments start to increase. Many specialists from different specializations are starting to working overseas, cultural shock and adaption to other countries are often unavoidable and can be difficult to cope with. This essay will explore and recommend approaches that company can take to help expatriate assignments to be successful. It has been a myth that the rate of failure for expatriate assignment is very high. From previous researches, there are many way of measuring expatriate assignment, Harzing (2004) concluded that the failure is simply the early return from expatriate assignment. Other researches also showing that the definition of failure should not be just early return from expatriate assignment but also lack of ability to adapt and learn new things in order to meet required performance Survey have been done for international companies mainly in the United States and America based showing 7% of expatriate assignment failure (GMAC, NFTC and SHRM, 2004, p,50). Other data from 1970s indicated that the recall rates are between 10% to 20 %, in some companies, 20% to 40% were overserved (Hofstede, 2001). Cost of expatriate assignment can be expensive, the direct cost and indirect cost can cost a company between $125,000 to $250,000 (Cole,
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