Recommendations for Zubinos Coffee Shop

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1.0 Terms of reference I am a consultant appointed by the Zubinos Board to prioritize and discuss the three issues facing Zubinos and to make appropriate recommendations. 2.0 Introduction Zubinos is a branded coffee shop chain formed in 2001 with 60 shops operational in the UK and 30 shops operational in the Europe at December 2013. Zubinos is a listed company, the founder Luis zubino and his wife currently hold a controlling stake of 47% and 4% in respectively, plus the minority shareholders of 100 persons owns the remaining 49% of the shares. Recently, some issues facing Zubinos is identified which may assist the Zubinoas well as threaten it.First, the proposed sale of Zubino is considered as main threat as the management of the zubino may totally change after the entire family stake of Luis has acquire by Whistle Coffee Bar. Second, the proposed expansion into Europe is a business opportunity for Zubino. And lastly, the excessive executive pay considered as a weakness of human resource management of Zubino. Beside the issues mentioned above, the SWOT analysis of Zubino is provided in Appendix 1. And the solution to overcome the issues will suggest in this report. 3.0 Discussion of the issues facing Zubinos 3.1 Proposed sale of Zubinos JOCELYN 3.2 Appropriate oversea expansion strategy going forward (a) Acquisition Acquisition is the method where Zubinos buys most, if not all, of the target company’s ownership stake in order to assume control of the target company.

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