Recommendations for a Travel Agency

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Indian Tour Operators
Analysis of Customized Tour Services

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1. Executive Summary 2. Analysis Approach 3. Competency Model for Tourism Agents 4. Field Research: Onsite Mystery Shopping 5. Problems: People and Processes 6. Solutions and Evaluation of Alternatives 7. Recommendations 8. Conclusion

Executive Summary
Customized Tours form an important part of the services offered by leading travel companies. Though the level of expertise in the group tours space is very good, customized tours because of their very complex nature, require a great deal of travel agent
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A comparative study is shown in the excel sheet in where each company is given point on a 5 point scale (5 – absolute presence of the trait, 1 – absolute absence of the trait) for each competency with in a competency area. These individual competency points are then summed up for each competency area, the sum then multiplied with the corresponding weights and a sum total of the scores is obtained. A higher score indicates that the company has higher level of favourable competencies in the travel agent. Benefits     Indicates the areas of improvement Guidelines for recruitment processes including job description Helps in designing the training modules Find gaps in performance and provides a framework to evaluate individual performance

Field Research: Onsite Mystery Shopping

1. Cox & Kings  Very responsive and warm o When asked for customized trip, they were quick to respond and asked for a day’s time o They asked for the basic details as to how many days, tentative date etc. o Asked us to write on a piece of paper what all places we wanted to visit and the contact details o When asked about the exchange rates, they gave the printout of the same  They had a fixed format for even the honeymoon package for couples already  Did not respond in a day and had to call them up for asking the quotation  Follow up was after that was good o They clarified a few points and sent the quote for the same as per our requirements

2. Girikand  Not

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