Recommended Approaches for Sustainable Competitive Advantage in Shrm

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A business nowadays becomes more global and demanding, which push organisations to seek for new means to success in their operation and to compete another organisation. To response the reality, businesses have been developing the techniques or seeking possible source of competitive advantage. It should be noted that human resources and their management play an important role to asset the organisation to achieve the goal. It be identified the linking between strategic goals and human resource as strategic human resources management (SHRM), which is one of key element of achieving sustained competitive advantage. This essay presented the selected two approaches that the extremely useful in achieving sustained competitive
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It becomes more difficult and costly for the competitor to copy (Wright, Dunford et al. 2001). (Thurow and Cunningham 1999) also mentioned that skilled people operating in a supportive culture become the only sustainable competitive advantage, which makes the advantage very difficult to copy because the method (in specific) is hidden or transparent (Pfeffer 1995).
It is not only imitation point of view; the resource-based view has been mentioned for the loose of the context. For example, the employee characteristics and psychological condition contain the huge impact on employee skills and its development (Doorewaard and Benschop 2003). It should be noted that the environment is as important as people skills and knowledge so that the context and people specifics into the HRM-performance analysis should be critical considered. Therefore, the approach of achieving sustainable competitive advantage conditions should meet the HRM practices requirements of the organisation (Huselid, Jackson et al. 1997).
Best-fit approach to SHRM
In term of human resource management (HRM) in context, the approach of interaction between HRM and environment in organisation underpinned as the best-fit approach of HR strategy. The best-fit approach to SHRM is flexible that adapting to the organisation’s condition and the environment referring workforce character and business strategy. With

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