Recommending A Project Portfolio Management Method For Your Selected Project

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1. Recommend a project portfolio management method for your selected project. Provide a rationale for your recommendation. Provide and outline of an executive summary.
The project that I have selected is Medical Billing. I am recommending Quality Management Method. This is based on the information that the quality management projects have three major processes. The first process is in setting quality standards which are applicable to the project and identify how they reach their fulfillment. A key part of quality planning is the integration of quality standards in the project proposal. The second process is assurance quality it describes how to use the planned and systematic activities concerned with quality, so as to ensure utilization
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These are the goals of this medical billing project: to be able to establish a home based medical billing in the Volusia County area by the end of 2015. To be able to acquire at least four accounts at the beginning of 2016.
3. Identify and discuss the importance of each of any five (5) deliverables of the project.
The use of term deliverable views the main outputs of the project management as being the new products, services or changed state that the project was set up to deliver. An additional view is that project management is a service and that the quality of project management is based not only on what is delivered but also on how it is delivered. This leads to a distinction between project management success and project success. Project deliverables are linked to ensuring the project is successful. Deliverables are the end products of a project or the measurable results of the intermediate activities within the project organizations. (Bryde, D., & Joby, R, 2007, Product Based Planning, p.367)
The five (5) deliverables that I considered to ensure the success of this project: (1) SWOT Analysis is used extensively in both academics and commercial practice. The origin of SWOT Analysis appear to be lost, or at least in contention. No matter who is ultimately responsible for the first SWOT, its use as an analytical tool has proliferated over the last fifty years. According to
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