Recommending A Strategy For Communication With Get Well Drugs Essay

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Recommend a strategy for communication with Get Well Drugs in order to determine if the drugs supplied by this manufacturer are within benchmark standards set forth by the FDA. As the head administrator, I will initially call Get Well Drugs, introduce Well Being Hospital and myself. Well Being Hospital is a Long-term Acute Hospital (LTAC). We provide extended hospital stay to patients with complex medical conditions. Our patient population consists mainly of patients on respirators, ventilators, prolonged surgical recovery and long-term IV antibiotics. We have a complete team of doctors, nurses, respiratory, physical, occupational and speech therapist in addition to a nutritionist and pharmacist. I would ask Get Well Drugs to send me information for review. After I have completed my research, I will then send a follow-up letter expressing my interest in a meeting. I will follow thru until the meeting is scheduled. Outline a plan for asking questions directed toward Get Well Drugs about any FDA regulations, which may be applicable to your local hospital. Once I have secured a meeting with Get Well Drugs, I will present the following questions based on FDA’s Center for Drug Evaluation and Research (CDER) guidelines for the development and approval for drugs. CDER’s job is to also determine the efficacy of drugs, prevent quackery and provide information about the medicine to doctors and patients (Drugs, 2014). 1. What was the outcome of clinical trials that were

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