Recommending a Marketing Mix for a Product or Service

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Topic: Recommending a Marketing Mix for a Product or Service Executive Summary This report mainly talked about a product-Pepsi. In this report, the purpose was compared and contrasted which 4Ps is better to the Pepsi and wanted more people to buy it. The thesis was compare and contrasts the Pepsi with the competitor - Coca Cola. So the report needed find some information and interview some people. The key finding was that SWOT and 4Ps is very important to the product. And the key conclusion and recommendation was the first 4Ps is better than the second one. 1.0 Introduction 2.1 State the objectives of the research I would make a marketing mix for the Pepsi. 2.2 Present the context 2.3.1 Describe its uses…show more content…
Promotion is very important. A good promotion can make the product sales better. Coca Cola utilizes television, internet, advertising and radio for their propaganda. The last one is place. Coca Cola can buy it anytime and anywhere. These are the marketing mix for a key competitor-Coca Cola (blurtit, 2012). 4.8 Conduct a SWOT analysis The SWOT analyses include strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. For Pepsi, diversification and distribution are the strengths. Overdependence on Wal-Mart, overdependence on US markets, low productivity and image damage due to product recall are the weaknesses. The opportunities are broadening of base, international expansion and growing savory snack and bottled water market in US. The last one for threats are decline in carbonated drink sales, potential negative impact of government regulations and potential disruption due to labor unrest (marketingteacher, 2012).. The product in first 4Ps is 600ml Pepsi. The price is 3 Yuan in China and the promotions for this product are advertising, TV, poster and great quantity. The sales promotions of Pepsi can be latest toys. And the last one is place. It can be sold in small shops, convenience store and big store such as Wal-Mart. The product in second 4Ps is 1L Pepsi. The price is 6.2 Yuan in China. The promotions for this product are newspaper, billboard and on-vehicle. The sales promotions of Pepsi can be gifts. And the

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