Reconciliation Action Plan

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Reconciliation Action Plan The goals and visions behind my reconciliation action plan was to bring the two sides of Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal Australians together in equality and harmony. Since the colonisation of Australia there has been a vast divide between the two sides that has caused many serious outcomes for Aboriginal people. My way of contributing to this is to create a better understanding, restore trust and eradicate racism as a positive way to help close the gap between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal Australia’s. The reason for this report was to explain the steps that were taken to create and implement this action plan and the outcomes. My three actions were established to help carry out my vision of bringing together…show more content…
For my first event I took a friend to a movie night hosted by the Notre Dame Student Association and students from the Aboriginal People unit. They organised a free viewing a movie by John Pilger called Utopia and a follow up survey. This extraordinary film gives a deep insight into the First Australians struggles of harsh dispossession and the ongoing deaths and poverty. Pilger puts the hard word on many members of the Australian government who are responsible for many deaths, explorations, betrayals and breaches to Aboriginal peoples human rights. This film was very moving and had a great impact on myself who had already studied a lot of this content but seeing it again in a different way opened my eyes even more to the sadness and grief suffered by Aboriginal people due to discrimination and lack of justice. As for my friend she was greatly saddened and shocked by what she has seen. Coming from a very English background she expressed feeling somewhat guilty about what had happened and how disappointed she was in the Australian government on this matter. The movie inspired a lengthy conversation about the importance of righting past wrongs for Aboriginal people and spreading awareness to her family and friends. It was also interesting to discover that when moving to Australian from England in 2010 that she had noticed a great deal of racism towards
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