Reconciliation Advertisement Analysis Essay

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Purpose: The purpose of the Reconciliation advertisement is to draw out the essential humanity of readers and make them feel that everyone should be considered the same. The advertisement also has a strong purpose to challenge any racist prejudices about someone else due to their skin colour or the way they look. The advertisement also attempts to increase awareness, change discriminatory behaviours and attitudes as well as expose the folly of racist stereotyping. The Tag advertisement has a completely different purpose however. Its purpose is to insinuate popularity, status, charm and associates Tag with girls beginning to pay more attention to you. Audience: The advertisement by the Reconciliation Council is targeting members of communities…show more content…
It does this by having the question in bold, all capitals, large font and in white writing which stands out due to the contrast against the dark background. After the reader has read the question, the reader’s eyes are then immediately drawn to both faces which are illuminated. This was done specifically as to make the reader’s eyes go from the first light coloured thing which was the text to the faces and also follows the instinctive reading style of top to bottom and left to right. After the reader has had time to analyse the faces, their eyes then subconsciously notice the smaller, white writing in the bottom. This answers the initial question the advert asks which confronts the reader and questions their beliefs or prejudices as well as publicise their website to the reader such that they can do further research. The Tag advertisement however does much the same, with the writing being bold and right in the middle as to immediately get the reader’s attention, soon after reading, the image of the guy getting piled-on is soon seen. This also plays off the instinctive reading and viewing style of top to bottom, with the product placement being seen last on the bottom right. Unlike the previous advertisement, TAG also further shows the image of their product, such that even if you look at this advertisement because you find it funny, you will subconsciously remember the product and relate it to happiness when you see it in store. This will further incline you to purchasing the
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