Reconciliation Essay examples

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Reconciliation is stated as “restoration of a state of peace to the relationship, where the entities are at least not harming each other, and can begin to be trusted not to do so in future, which means that revenge is foregone as an option” (Santa-Barbara, 174). This definition is a starting point in understanding reconciliation but does not address the spirit of forgiveness involved. It is important to recognize harms that others have done but it becomes necessary to portray these in a positive and understanding manner. This supplies the persecutor with an image that is not so negative and “monster-like” but also provides for the victim acknowledgement that there has been harm done. For reconciliation to take place, all parties involved…show more content…
Two brothers playing with a toy is an example of this. The older of the two has a toy which the younger brother wants and the younger brother desiring the toy lashes out. The younger brother did not necessarily do this with the intention of hurting the older brother but in an attempt to get the toy, he scratches his brother. The older boy, instead of discussing the problem and finding a way to share the toy, goes to his mother. The older brother uses the harm to shame the younger brother in front of their mother and gets the toy. The older brother who was hurt has turned that hurt into a weapon against the younger child and this serves to only increase the ill will between them. It is mimetic desires that drove the younger brother to try to attain what the older brother had. When he tried to get the object that he longed for, he caused his brother harm. Instead of being told how he had hurt his brother, so that he could understand why he should not lash out, the younger brother was shamed and a longer lasting resentment begins to form between the brothers. It is important to be careful when addressing harms done so that the party causing the hurt is not ostracized. Reconciliation cannot happen while the parties are attacking each other. If the harm is used as a weapon against the offender to make them feel guilty, it only causes more harm. Even the term “offender” is damaging. If your brother causes you harm, do you call
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