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The short story “Reconciliation” is written by Polly Clark. The story is about a woman named Laura, who, in the attempt to get her husband back before they get divorced, applies at her husband’s work. She gets the job as a temp at the office and has to work with her husband, Vernon. At the office, Vernon gives her a task to mark the figures which are the same on each sheet. The numbers, which do not fit with a partner, remains unreconciled.
The story is written in first-person narrator, where we get the story told by the narrator Laura. The story is chronologically constructed with an open end, which is typically for the short story genre. The narrator is a middle-aged woman, who has not found the meaning of her life yet “It’s my first
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So what we actually see are that Laura really wants to find out what happened with them and how people with no partner will end up like.

In the text Laura thinks:
“What about 22.48 and 22.49 – do they belong to each other? After all, they are so nearly the same. But then, 22.48 presents itself, collects its perfect partner and 22.49 remains unreconciled”.
With this, Laura means that Vernon, who is 22.48, and she, who is 22.49, should be together, because they almost match perfect, but not perfectly enough. The other 22.48, who suddenly appears is another girl. This girl fits Vernon better than Laura does, so therefore Laura, 22.49, has to remain unreconciled.
The way Laura introduce Vernon at the beginning “He looks like a turtle (…)”, tells us that maybe it is not him she is interested in, but the warm and lovely of being loved and not being unreconciled. She does not wants to end up having no partner, as the number 22.49.
Polly Clark uses a lot of imagery to make it more intelligible for the reader to understand the meaning of the text. An example of that could be the numbers Laura is working with. To explain the human longing after a partner, Clark uses the numbers to make it clearer. Laura tries desperately to find out why these numbers have lost their
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