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Engelsk B – Studentereksamen
A – Ret fejlene

1. After the party on Saturday, he sleeped in on Sunday * Fejlen i denne sætning er ”sleeped” da ’Sleep’ er et uregelmæssigt udsagnsord, som i datid hedder slept.

2. Television has learned me a lot about American culture * Fejlen I denne sætning er “has” da det hedder “have”, da sætning står i nutid.

3. Wayne and Colleen are thrilled with the wonderfully addition to their family life * Fejlen I denne sætning er “wonderfully” da det hedder “wonderful”

4. Everybody like the sound of palm trees rustling in the wind, and children in particular feel comforted by it * I denne sætning er fejlen “like” da det hedder “likes” pga. det er i fleretal.

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At first she forgets to bring the right shoes to work, and then she decides to explain it with mountaineering. That is probably one of the worst excuses for forgetting anything. This tells us, that the narrator's sense of order is not the best. She also tells us, that she has dry washed her hair, probably without success. That also shows us about the greatest sense of order. Maybe is she looking for order? It could be that she almost all the time, searches amongst others for the one thing she can’t do herself.

It seems that she is in a drastic development. She is married, but yet she wants to be divorced, and when she goes home after work it’s without her husband. The relationship between her and her husband wasn’t always that way. They used to talk about deep things with each other, but then something happened. It seems that her husband has been unfaithful to her, and therefore they are waiting for the divorce and live apart from each other. Maybe it isn’t the case at all, that her husband was unfaithful to her, because she is the narrator, and that we only get her point of view. It could also be that she was starting to go crazy and they had to split up. We don’t know. But it seems like her mind is falling apart, and she needs to find a meaning in life. This probably once was her husband. She doesn’t seem to be able to live without him.

The beginning of the narrator's mind could be the explanation of the use of
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