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Courtney Sands December 4, 2015 Professor Sever Criminal Investigation Unit 2: Reconstructing the Past As we are covering unit two within our discussion and seminar. As the assignment was presented to us. We have to discuss the methods of inquiry and how they are used in criminal investigations, then the steps to reconstruct a case and how we illustrate the concepts through a hearsay case, then understanding the fundamentals are identified witness, offenders, connecting evidence from the scene. A method of inquiry must be based on the assembly of the obvious, experimental, and measureable evidence subject to specific value of reasoning. It is part of the technical method, and they are used as part of a criminal investigation…show more content…
Wouldn’t violate the terms of the Miranda Law. Conversely, during interrogation, the investigator finds a reason to believe the suspect is being detained in error, the investigator can be at their own discretion considering reversers to interrogation to interview. There are five different steps to reconstruct a case, they include data collection, conjecture, hypothesis formulation, testing, and theory formation. Data collection is all the information or documentation obtained at the crime scene, from the victim, or witnesses. Data included conditions of the evidence, obvious patterns, and impressions, conditions of the victim, etc., are reviewed, organized, and studied. Then conjecture is before any detailed analysis of the evidence is obtained, a possible or conjecture of the events involved in a criminal act may be done, but must not become the only explanation being considered at this stage. It is only a possibility. There may be several more possibilities explanations, too. Scene examination and inspection of the physical evidence must be done. Scene and evidence examination includes interpretation of bloodstain and impression patterns, gunshot patterns, fingerprints evidence, and analysis of trace evidence.. Testing is once a hypothesis is formulated, further testing must be done to confirm or disprove the overall interpretation or specific aspects of the hypothesis. This stage includes comparisons of
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