Reconstruction During The Civil War

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Reconstruction is a time period after the Civil War ended in 1877. We view it as something that resembles a transformation, shifts in the southern U.S. after the Civil War. This was when slavery inequality, some political, economic, and social issues were, in some ways, balanced. The categories of issues that arose throughout this “restoration” were aspects such as involving the Confederacy into the Union, abolishing along with figuring out what to do with our free blacks, and addressing conflict between the Confederate leaders and a group of people, which we characterize as “the North.” During reconstruction, there was a challenging goal of incorporating former slaves into our nation as free citizens like everyone else. It looks like this “era” attempted to take out the unfairness of slavery; however, it was successful to a degree. Reconstruction, itself, was successful in fulfilling its goal to a degree because the Freedmen’s Bureau attempted to help former slaves with simple things such as housing, although it “lost its touch” due to deficiency of needed funds along with personnel, and trouble dealing with pressure that was advancing from the so-called white southerners.

Upon origination, the Freedmen’s Bureau received its appearance as a good thing for former slaves, including those who were referred to as southern blacks. This organization had responsibilities in helping the blacks move from their state - slaves to something better- freedom. Quite remarkably,
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