Reconstruction During The Civil War

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There was a transformation period after the Civil War called the reconstruction during the years 1863 to 1877. The reconstruction was the rebuilding of the United States, mainly in the South. There were three major types of reconstruction, which were political, physical, and social. The political reconstruction allowed some African Americans to vote; however, they had to be literate in order to take the Oath test. Not many African Americans knew how to read and write, because they were slaves and never had the opportunity to be educated. There was the Physical reconstruction, which was the building of sea ports, farming, and railroads, railroads being a major part of the reconstruction. Social Reconstruction was the most important step during the reconstruction, because many families were reunited after being separated from each other at birth, or after years of living together. By being reunited with their families the former slaves had already won the ‘battle’. During the Reconstruction Abraham Lincoln was one of the presidents who was not in favor of slavery. He introduced the Emancipation Proclamation, which did not free slaves but did offer a pardon. The slaves had to pass a literacy test or they had to escape and go to the north in order to become free. Abraham Lincolns plan was to get voting rights for blacks; however, only those who helped fight in the war and the most intelligent or literate ones could vote. The thirteenth amendment abolished slavery. The African
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