Reconstruction Era of the United States and African American Community

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92. In 1865 an appointment was held between representatives of an African American community in Savannah, Georgia and Edwin Staunton, Secretary of War, and Major General Sherman concerning topics of the freedman in Georgia. Land was set aside, 40 acres, and a mule that could no longer be used by the Army to establish a community of their own. 1. Black leaders believed that owning land was essential to freedom because by them owning their own land they would be able to support themselves by themselves. 2. Blacks understand their relationship to the national government as the Civil War drew to a close as being dependent upon their freedom. Q: Why 40 acres and a broken down mule? Do you believe they deserved more/less land? Did they not…show more content…
95. This was a sharecropping contract between Thomas J. Ross, a land owner, and 8 freedmen. The contract set the rules, regulations, and remunerations for sharecropping Ross’s land. 1. The contract limits the freedom of the laborers in that they are still under the power of the land owner, with essentially the same rules as being a slave except they were getting paid in the crop for their work. 2. The benefits for the freed people of the sharecropping arrangement the security of land to work and half the harvest, the risks of the sharecropping arrangement would have been the chance of little crop and still being dependant on the Whites. Q: Do you feel as though sharecropping as a whole, with the good and the bad, was a good idea? 96. During the Reconstruction period Elizabeth Staunton demanded the idea of equality for women. In her essay she expressed ways that men and women are equal but not seen as being so, she also believed that women should be able to vote. 1. Stanton defined the “social revolution” the United States underwent after the Civil War as because it went deep down to the very foundation of society. 2. Stanton believed that industrial freedom within the family could be established by first changing the laws and public opinion. Q: How do you think that women felt not having any rights even after the Civil war that once again established
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