Reconstruction Is The Effort Made In The United States

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Reconstruction is the effort made in the United States to restructure the political, legal, and economic systems in the states seceded from the Union. The Reconstruction Era last between the years of 1865-1877. The Civil War caused destruction and several deaths throughout the South in 1865. This struggle was compensated by radical Republicans who felt that they were in control of Southerners by punishing them for wanting to preserve their southern tradition. How would the North and the South come to an agreement about the freedom of slaves? Before the Civil War and the actions of President Abraham Lincoln the states were divided amongst another. The Northern States were considered to be the Union. While, the Southern States were called…show more content…
According to historians about 600,000 people died in the Civil War due to being killed or untreated diseases. Unfortunately, that calculation is awfully inaccurate for the reason that the amount of casualties during the war is still undetermined. In the year of 1863, the Civil War was being won by the Union. Abraham Lincoln’s plan first took action in 1863. He made a big announcement about a post war plan for the Southern states. Abraham offered a plan for reunification called Proclamation of Amnesty and Reconstruction. The Proclamation stated, “All Southerners could be pardoned and reinstated as U.S. citizens if they took oath of allegiance to the Constitution and the Union and pledge to abide by emancipation” . The “10 percent plan” was a proclamation made by Abraham Lincoln. The Proclamation stated that 10 percent of a population had to vote and took an oath before a state could be reintegrated into the union. Also in the year of 1863, President Lincoln and the Congress began to discuss what would take place if the Union won the war and the states became united. Moreover, Congress was the government sector that people favored when it came to making decisions about the Reconstruction plan rather than the President. Also, they felt that Congress should have the power to direct a Reconstruction not a president. A group of Republicans supported Lincoln’s reintegrated idea about the Confederate states. However, a group of Radical
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