Reconstruction Of Reconstruction During The Civil War

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Describe and analyze Reconstruction. Did Reconstruction have any successes?
The end of civil war in the United States of America brought about many problems, in particular for the South. Some of the problems were political, economic decay and social disorder. The war destroyed the plantations and crops thus causing many to starve to death while others became homeless. The reconstruction became the only hope for the people. Radical reconstruction began in 1867, which enabled the freed black men to have a voice in the government. Before the civil war, the Southern state had enacted laws that suppressed all African American. This fact angered many people from the North who were seeking to end slavery. Therefore, during the reconstruction era, the black people wanted their voices to be heard. The restoration process began with small plans that were put forward by President Lincoln as well as President Johnson. The two president’s main aim was to combine the confederacy with the unions (Flanagan). This fact was called the presidential reconstruction. The Republicans were put into office to ensure that the freed people’s rights were protected as well as to make sure that America was united. The civil rights act was passed and the southern state began to follow the rule. The Congress passed the Ku Klux Klan Act that would ensure that the federal authorities could be able to protect the freed citizens. However, even with the introduction of such laws the African Americans were…
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