Reconstruction Of The Civil War

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Microtheme One - Reconstruction The Reconstruction happened in period following the end of the American Civil and the main goal was to reintegrate the Southern Confederate States back into the Union after they had been defeated by the Union (Northern States). As would be expected, the process was met with many challenges as the interests of both groups had to be addressed. There was debate over the terms under which the Confederate States would be allowed back into the Union, and whether it was the president or congress to set these terms. There was also the question about what rights freed slaves had and their role in the new American society. Even though the war had ended, the reconstruction presented a new battlefront for a political struggle between the North and the South. This paper analyses what reconstruction sought to achieve, and why it failed with dire long-term consequences. By the time the Civil War ended in early 1865, about 4 million slaves had been freed in the South. Sharp political and ideological differences arose over the fate of the Southern States under the Union and the millions of freed slaves. The people of the North wanted to see the Southern States punished for fighting against the Union. They argued that the Southern communities had abolished their State governments which connected them politically to the Union and had ended up as disorganized communities by the end of the war. “They deliberately abolished their State governments so far as the
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