Reconstruction Of The Reconstruction Era

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The Reconstruction Era was known as a time to reconstruct the United States of America by the expansion of governmental power that began in 1865. “There were two central problems that animated Reconstruction; providing justice for freedmen and facilitating national reconciliation. (A New Birth of Freedom, pg. 1) After the 12 year span, reconstructing the nation succeeded in only a few of the goals that were set out to achieve within those 12 years that it was in progress. The Reconstruction’s intentions ended up becoming its own failure. It was the failure that brought forth the foreseeable success in changing the South. There were three goals the reconstruction set, and failed to achieve; social, political, and economic power, as well as emphasizing the profound effect it had on the south, and the entire African American race. In the South, Reconstruction was a period of rebirth and readjustment along with chaos. The southern whites wanted to keep the African Americans in slavery but to extend their civil rights to keep peace but nothing near social equality. African Americans, on the other hand, wanted full-freedom and own their own land. This created predictable clashes between the members in this society. The clashes were made up of race riots, but mostly violence terrorism against leaders of the African American community. Along with the riots, southern whites and African Americans continued to try reconstructing the nation by working out ways to get their farms…

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