Reconstruction Of The United States

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The United States of America has gone through constant hardships and difficulties since joining together as one nation involving war and changes in the political system. A lot of highly respected leaders in America have come donating their own ideals and foundation to administer a better life with more opportunities for Americans, but no other political change, or battle is more scandalous than Reconstruction. The start of reconstruction began in the mid-late 1860s and finished in 1877, but even today is still labeled one of the most debated issues in American history on whether post war reconstruction was a success or failure as well as a contest over the memory, meaning, and ending of the war. Reconstruction focused on three issues…show more content…
Blight protests that Reconstruction was a battle between two notable, but incompatible goals that “vied” for both reconciliation, to bring the union back together and emancipation of slaves. On the contrary Hahn contests that “freedmens” and confederate whites were more than willing and prepared to fight for what they thought was truth, “reflecting a long tradition of southern violence that had previously undergirded slavery”. Hahn also concluded that reconstruction finished when the North got tired of fighting the South over the decade and some freedom conflict (Major Problems). Although, many people are skeptical over that proposition, Hahn’s arguments brings forth a more tolerable argument oppose to that of Blight’s. The inevitable defeat of Reconstruction was when the North pulled military soldiers from the South permitting confederate whites to rule again; consequently, the failure of reconstruction as the south reverted back to their actions of oppressing “freedmen’s” civil, political, and economical position. The beginning of Reconstruction in 1865 challenged the divided nation to reestablish unity and peace in the heated country (Reconstruction Moderate). What made it difficult to bring peace back to the nation was the fact that 620,000 people died which made it
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