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* 1. Some historians argue that Radical Reconstruction was not radical enough. After studying the events of the late 19th century, defend whether or not you agree with this position. What are the long-term implications? * * From what I have learned from this class already this week is that the Radical Reconstruction was not as radical as it should have been. If President Lincoln would have lived longer after the Civil War the Reconstruction of the south Might have been handled better due to the fact that Lincoln could have handed it better than those that succeed him. With the intent of the Radical Reconstruction being to change the culture and in essence make the southern culture more like that of the culture of the north.…show more content…
2. The post–Civil War South has been called the New South. In what ways did it succeed in reinventing itself? In what ways did it fail? * * The ways that the south reinvented itself was through attempts in rebuilding their farms and negotiating new labor agreements with their former slaves. This method failed by the majority of southern land owners being to prideful or greedy to pay decent wages of the time. The south also became known for their railway system and is now the standard for development. The railway system brought urban life to the south through city growth and the growth of the iron industry. The southern people used their iron industry as their main competing industry with the northern. In these industries it was uncommon for black southerners to be allowed to work in the factories. Poor whites would be hired over blacks in the rail yards as well. The south being as picky to who they hired only bettered their communities rather than those of both black and white communities. These changes brought our country into an era of segregation. With segregation starting in the following years after the civil war it kept the south from truly catching up to the northern culture and industry because of their hate. If southern people would have been willing to bend more with their own losses after the war and been more willing to give equality to their former slaves things would have turned out
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