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Name:Hayat Elqossari Period:1st End of Civil War and Reconstruction Scavenger Hunt Directions: Click on the links to watch videos or read text related to the question. Use complete sentences and spell check your document. Battle of Gettysburg Why did the South want to bring the war North? If the fighting was elsewhere, then it would be easy for Northerners to go along with the war; however, if there was damage or a threat to the North then the Northerners would feel as if it was time to end the war so that they can find a way out of further danger, and bring back peace. It was a last effort for a conclusive victory. What happened…show more content…
Congress passes the Reconstruction Act of 1867, which divided the South into districts and required Southern states to approve the 14th Amendment to grant blacks citizenship, before rejoining the Union. Later, congress gives African Americans the right to vote by ratifying the 15th Amendment. The Reconstruction established the South’s first state-funded public school systems, created a just taxation legislation, and passed laws against discrimination and economic development programs. The approach of Congress was different than Johnson’s plan, because they worked to improve the lives of African Americans by passing laws in their favor, and expanding their rights. Congress did not care what the South wanted, and expected the South to abide by their rules. On the other hand, Johnson wanted to preserve the nation, and did not want to do anything to anger the South. Moreover, he was a strong believer in states rights, and the idea that the federal government had no right to enforce restrictive laws on the entire country. 12. What was the white response to Radical Reconstruction? In response to Radical Reconstruction, whites resorted to violence. White supremacist organizations targeted Republicans and African Americans. White supremacy spread through the south as Reconstruction died out. 13. What event marked the end of Reconstruction? The Compromise of 1876 marked the end of Reconstruction. In this compromise, Rutherford B. Hayes agreed to accept Democratic control over the entire South, in return for the presidency, and Democrats in Congress agreed to his

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