Reconstruction : The Success Of The Reconstruction Era

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The Reconstruction Era was a rollercoaster in aspects such as politics and society in the United States. During this time, society was very unstable along with the economy and the government. In this period in the United States history the United States was divided and had to be reconstructed. The Reconstruction had various fails in history, but it also had some successful outcomes. During the Reconstruction Era, the United States faced some fails; they failed to reconstruct the social views of the south, failing to protect the newly freed slaves, they failed to keep the former confederate leader from regaining power, they fail to keep racist extremist groups from influencing and corrupting the government, and they especially failed to stop the spread of fear, terrorism and racism. There were some successful outcomes of the Reconstruction Era like the ratification of the 13th, 14th, and 15th Amendment, the restored unification of the United States, new state constitution, the first African-Americans were elected to political office and the south established public schools.
Shortly after the Civil War the North had to take care of reconstructing the South like some radicals put it “remake the South in the image of the North.” The South did not want to change some slave owner tried to keep their slaves from finding out that they had rights, some even found a way to hold some slaves in a legal way called sharecropping. Allowing sharecropping failed in the sense that it was a
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