Failure Of Reconstruction Dbq

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Reconstruction’s Failure

It was clear to people in the late 1800s that the Civil War caused many national problems along with problems within the union. However, the Civil War assuaged many problems for the country. For example, slavery was abolished, the supremacy of the national government had been confirmed, and secession had been proved false. Some people may believe that the main reason why the congress’ reconstruction efforts to ensure equal rights to the freedmen failed was because virtually no one in America thought blacks were equal to whites. Basically it was because people still have racial thoughts; slaves didn’t get to fully acquire the meaning and prerogatives of their rights; in other words they were uneducated.
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Many people had this opinion about African Americans. Many groups and organizations were established due to racism and the reconstruction efforts. One organization known for their mysterious operations was the “KluKlux Klan.” The KluKlux Klan (KKK) used terror and violence against African Americans and their white supporters. Their chief goal of the Klan attacks was to keep African Americans from voting. General George Thomas stated that “its grand purpose being to establish a nucleus around “the adherents of the late rebellion might safely rally.”” (Doc. two) The KKK influenced other white people to dislike the freemen and blacks so they won’t have any power, or so that they won’t vote. Also, in an editorial in the Atlanta News (doc. 4) it states how people want to form White Leagues to form together to work against radical Republicans and African Americans.

Throughout reconstruction congress has passed acts that were basically designed to fail, or didn’t make sense from the beginning. One act that Congress passed was a general amnesty act (doc. three). This act was designed to restore the right of office holding to the majority of those who had been disqualified. This meant that the white men received their vote back, when they did they reelected officials who would make laws against the freemen. Democratic victory also helped to undermine Congress’ efforts to help the freedmen,
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