Recording Studio: The Behringer X32 Mixer Essay

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The Behringer X32 is a fully featured, 32-channel, 16-bus digital mixer with an abundant supply of built-in effects and an impressively extensive set of features. It is aimed primarily towards live sound, but is versatile enough to use in a studio session. One main successful point of design is the operation of channel processing. Signal Processing: The home screen of the Behringer X32 shows the channel configuration in the “Configuration” tab, complete with the individual stages of the signal processing. Built in visual support is booming and available at 11 points on the X32, through the use of the conducive “View” buttons. Once the button is pressed, all the essential parameters of the selected function are displayed, for example:…show more content…
The inserts can be routed to the internal effects engines or through the I/O. The key input sources can be selected from any auxiliary input, channel, effects return or mix bus. The channel path also consists of a channel mute, fader and panner. The oscillator and dual talkback outputs have the option to be routed independently to any of the main outputs and mix buses. The digital signal processing signal path for the three main output channels- “Left, Right and Centre” is made up of an insert point, a compressor/expander and a six band “EQ”. The order of the processing stages can be easily reversed and the key input is complete with its own filter. Instead of a mute option when using other effects, there is an “On/Off” switch and a fader before the signal reaches the physical outputs via the X32’s routing matrix. The post fader signal also has the option to be routed to any of the six matrix buses or routed to the solo bus. The 16 sub-mix buses also have the same signal path facilities. The routing to the 16 mix buses has the ability to take signals pre/post fader and EQ which are used to create all the auxiliary sends, audio subgroups etc. The auxiliary line inputs have a simpler signal path and the eight internal stereo effects return channels also have a simple path, consisting of mute, pan, fader and bus routing. The talkback

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