Recording of Charles the Great were recorded Charles the Great's Deeds and Characteristics in The life of Charlemagne

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The author Einhard, a courtier to Charlemagne served as an attendant to the king, dedicated the writing to Charles and Charles’ son, Louis, for who it was to serve as a guide to being a great king. Although Einhard is humble in stating that he is not worthy of writing about Charles the Great and the impossibility of writing as good as Cicero, who was considered the most eloquent writer in Latin, he still writes Charles’ biography in Latin which was the language of the Roman Empire. As Einhard is well educated he was able to writing about Charles, Charles was passionate for the education of himself, his children, and the nation itself. Education became an essential component of being successful and powerful because Charles promoted its importance; however, regardless of Einhard’s statement that Charles was highly educated, his education was well supported by other scholars and education itself also became politicized and supported Charles goals of reviving the Roman Empire.
King Charles and the Carolingians as a whole considered themselves to be the heirs of Roman civilization. Therefore, their goal was to revive the Roman Empire, this meant that the Latin language was highly valued and a strong metric of ones education. Einhard…