Records-Based Research Essay

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Question 1 Question : An investigator obtains consent from subjects to review their medical records and HIV status. He plans to go back to the medical record, so the HIV status information is stored along with patient identifiers in a database that he keeps on his laptop computer. His laptop is stolen. This incident constitutes: Your answer : An invasion of privacy. Correct Answer : A breach of confidentiality. Comment : Privacy is about people and their expectations. Privacy risk pertains primarily to the methods used to obtain information about subjects. Confidentiality pertains to the actual treatment of the personal information once it is obtained. In other words, now that the researcher has obtained private information, how…show more content…
Points Earned : 1 Question 3 Question : As part of a research study, a physician plans to review medical records of the next 50 of her patients who require magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scans for clinical treatment to explore factors related to patients requiring MRI scans. The physician will review the medical records, and write down the clinical indication for the scans, any existing injuries, current prescriptions, as well as other clinical data. The clinical indication for the scans and the other clinical data will be collected in the medical records for treatment purposes as part of standard clinical care. The physician will use a coding system to be able to identify the patient's information; however, the "key" to the coding system will be stored separately from the data in a locked cabinet that only she will have access to. Which of the following is true? Your answer : The study is human subject research which is eligible for exemption. Correct Answer : The study is human subject research which is eligible for expedited review. Comment : The correct answer is that the research is eligible for expedited review. To be
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