Records Management System

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The coding includes multiple functions that are of convenience for the user. The system can be used to keep any records of information as is set out as a user management system.
The script begins with the creation of a main function which will become the menu system. The ‘while loop’ is implemented so that the main system will allow the person to either exit the loop or add a user.
The main menu offers the user to either add a user to the records of the system or to simply exit. The two options are created through their respective statements below: The createUser function is used to initiate a list of information. The list will be used to hold on to all the information inserted by the user for it to be added to the records.
After that, another loop is created. This loop will be used for when the user wishes to “exit” the loop –simply entering the word “exit” can motion the loop into action.
When the operator has exited the loop, information may be entered into the system. A command is then given to open a certain file and insert a new string (a line which will be added to the records document.)
Once the new information has been entered, the stream to the file is closed so as to avoid errors to/from the file later on and also saves all alterations that…
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