Recount Movie Review of Bias and Events

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In many ways Recount is a great example of the good that Hollywood can do with real events rather than fiction. More recently, we’ve seen a great upswing in Hollywood producing movies based on historical events, or people. To name a just a couple, Argo and Lincoln are both movies that are based on actual history. While its clear Recount has some major and deep flaws in its writing, sometimes the 100% true events must be forfeited if the movie is to reach a mass audience. Movies like Argo (which I’ve seen) suffer from the same issue, which created heroes where there were none, and excluded blatant and important facts. Movies consistently distort the facts so that they can entertain a mass audience. Time and time again, consumers have…show more content…
Should teachers count the original intent of the student answer? Clearly not. Hanging chads are different in my opinion. They should be counted as they show the person punched through, but the chad just didn’t fall off for any number of reasons. If a voter did vote incorrectly, the voter should’ve requested a new ballot, and I think almost every single voter would’ve noticed the hole they’ve punched. The movie has the audience detest Katherine Harris and the Republican party. Harris was the Sec’y of State for Florida, and she had “final say” on what votes became counted. Harris made some very questionable decisions realistically, but the movie makes her out to be a devil who knows she’s giving the election to the Republicans. My own interpretation of Harris was that she was blinded by her political views so that her decisions were biased and pretty stupid. Harris just wasn’t smart in general; I’d equate her to Sarah Palin essentially. As previously stated, Harris was demonized for her actions. Most of which included votes not being counted due to her delaying or avoiding making key decisions by interpreting the law to either her own opinion or the opinion of her advisors. Again, this is Hollywood being Hollywood. The movie makes Lieberman’s comments seem like he ruined the election by being in favor of overseas votes being counted. The movie again goes back to our main character, Ron Klein, being extremely upset over these comments and making a big scene. The

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