Recount of a Mock Trial

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The central issue in the mock trial was whether the payment of life insurance from Prime Global Insurance group to Raven Temple, the wife of the late Aubrey Temple, was warranted. Aubrey Temple purchased a life insurance plan from Prime Global Insurance on March 16th, 2011. Prime Global Insurance’s policy is illustrated clearly in their terms and conditions that the one-million dollar payout to the policy holder’s beneficiary on the condition that the death of the individual must not have occurred by suicide within two years of enacting the contract. My contribution to jury deliberations were to synthesize the evidence to most accurately depict the events that passed, and to come to a conclusion whether Mr. Temple died by suicide or accidental death, and if his death occurred before the two-year time period as outlined in the insurance company’s policy. The prosecution and defense painted a story for the jury and called on witnesses including Ms. Temple ¬– the wife of the late Mr. Temple, Mr. Usher – former business partner of Mr. Temple, the transcript of a sworn testimony by the medical examiner of Mr. Temple, a detective who arrived at the scene, the limo driver who was driving Mr. Temple from that night’s Veteran Ball, and an individual who was driving behind the limo before Mr. Temple was ejected out of the vehicle. The evidence surrounding the death of Mr. Temple did not prompt hesitation or second thoughts about what happened. The limo driver noted that it was…

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